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Specifically Bathroom Power Consultation

£950.00 GBP

Purchase price is for design fees only and includes VAT at 20%

What is a Specifically Bathroom power consultation?

This is a very intensive, super efficient service which provides you with instant solution for whatever you need design guidance for, or a problem you cannot solve. To ensure we have this valuable outcome, we must have all relevant documents, pictures and questions provided upfront. We will guide you through this in our discovery call.

This service lasts up to 3 hours.

*You must have had a discovery call to book this service

The Specifically Bathroom Consultation is best for people who:

  • are overwhelmed by bathroom options and need help to get started
  • need guidance to make decisions on layout and products
  • know their budget and want to spend most effectively
  • want advice on what to buy, and where best to buy
  • are happy to source and make purchases in their own timeline
  • love the A&H design aesthetic, but need guidance on how to implement this in their own home

Steps towards this consultation:

  1.  Schedule and have your discovery call
  2.  Purchase this package
  3.  Provide all relevant information and complete the questionnaire
  4.  Once we confirm we have all we need, we will notify you that you will have access to schedule the consultation

**no additional travel cost if within the PO postcode (excluding the Isle of Wight)

How to prepare for your consultation to maximise results:

  • Complete the questionnaire we will provide you with
  • Send documents, floor plans, images of your chosen space/design problem and inspiration images (as is relevant to your requirements, we will have discussed this in the Discovery Call)
  • When scheduling your Specifically Bathroom Power Consultation, please ensure you choose a time when all decision makers can be present

What are the deliverables from a Specifically Bathroom Consultation?

  • optimised sketch layout of your bathroom
  • direction on overall aesthetic scheme
  • wall tile, flooring inspiration including pattern/direction of lay
  • lighting guidance with knowledge of regulations
  • guidance on products and placement

This Power Package can also lead into a full service design package where it becomes deductible from the overall design fee.

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