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Render (hand drawn)

£780.00 GBP

Price includes VAT at 20%

What is a hand drawn render?

This is a 3d sketch drawing of either an interior or exterior scene, drawn to represent the finished design you are working towards. It will be based on photographs of the existing space, and architectural or design plans of the proposed space.

These renders are excellent to give a real sense of how your space will look at the end of all your hard work. Many clients who purchase for this reason, keep and frame their renders as part of their build's history.

*You must have had a discovery call before booking this service

A hand drawn render is best for people who:

  • are on the edge of finalising a design (interior or exterior) and just can't visualise the end result
  • would like confidence to know that the designed look is cohesive and aligned with their desires
  • want to have their project hand drawn for posterity

Renders usually take 1-2 weeks.

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